Somabay unveils new kitesurfing extension hub at Utopia Island – Travel Daily

 The 7Bft KiteHouse Somabay is happy to unveil their latest extension to Tobia Island. 7 Bft KiteHouse, already well known as a heaven for water sports enthusiasts, is now offering several trips per day to the newly designed kite station “Utopia“.

7 Bft Kite House’s new station on Tobia Island is a dream for every kitesurfer as it promises perfect flat water und undisturbed, consistent strong wind conditions in a breathtaking scenery between the Red Sea and the desert mountains.

Tobia Island is a small paradise island in the middle of the Red Sea now offering gastronomy facilities. Kiters and non-Kiters can take a break and enjoy fresh food or cold drinks for refreshment in between the kite sessions with a stunning view.

A team of beach assistants and rescue boat drivers ensure that your safety and comfort is taken care of at the 7 Bft KiteHouse Utopia station.  To reach one of the best kite spots in the Red Sea you can either make a downwind trip with your kite or go by one of the shuttle boat services, taking barely 15 minutes.

Guests looking to experience this new kitesurfing experience will feel right at home at The Breakers Surfing & Diving Lodge, Somabay’s dedicated water sport hotel. The hotel is located just a short bus ride away from the 7BFT KiteHouse, offering a perfect accommodation for travellers to relax after an adrenaline-pumping day of kitesurfing.  Are you ready for a unique trip this winter? Take the opportunity to live by 7BFT kite House’s motto of “eat, sleep, kite, repeat” in Somabay.

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