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The Mayan Wind Fest is not just a festival. It is an official competition, showcasing the best level of riding and sailing in México. 

The Mayan Wind fest is the ultimate wind sports event during winter. The goal is to bring together as many kitesurfers, wingfoilers, windsurfers and sailors to enjoy the amazing playground of Cancún and Quintana Roo. To achieve that, we can count on the warm and steady trade winds (14-25 Knt average) the mexican caribbean has to offer, as well a some fun and innovative way to compete / ride together. This event is opened to everyone (pros & amateurs) and every level. Being a festival, you will also have an amazing time on land with great music and vibes all day and night.

Photo: Mayan Wind Fest

We will have many events happening in Mayan Wind Fest, one will be the crossing from Cancún to Isla Mujeres, a 20 km round trip in crystal blue water and hundreds of other riders. But we will also have many categories to take advantage of what the spot has to offer to every sports. Wingfoilers will have an amazing downwider and fun slalom racing, kitersurfers will have a fun high jump event and big air event and windsurfer and sailors will have regattas and slalom courses to enjoy and give the best show possible to the crowd on the beach!

Photo: Mayan Wind Fest

The venue, Puerto Cancún sailing club & Shaka Vibes Watersports Center is amazing with a 850 m long beach with side wind, flat water and plenty of space to host hundreds or event thousands of riders. Cancún has direct and fairly economic flights from and to almost anywhere in America and Europe, and the spot is only 20 minutes away from the airport (we can help you with logistics, transportation and lodging.) 

Photo: Mayan Wind Fest

All the ingredients are here to make this event the best time of your winter and a truly unforgettable trip!

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