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Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

Kitesurfing & Windsurfing

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London is a big megapolis which doesn’t offer much for a water sports fan. However, there are plenty of spots located in just a couple of hours by car or train with vast beaches, amazing swells, and wild winds. So if you are a kitesurfer, get out of the city and discover the charm of the southern English coast.

Queen Mary Reservoir is one of London’s largest freshwater sources. It also happens to be a favorite windsurfer’s spot for local water sports enthusiasts. Queen Marys Sailing Club offers rentals and lessons. There is also decent wind on most days and plenty of space on a 283-hectare (700-acre) water body.

Martello Bay near Clacton-on-sea, in the Tendring peninsula in Essex, eastern England, offers a designated beach for kitesurfing with flat water and consistent SW winds. It is located in 1.5 hours by train from London.

Camber Sands is one of the best destinations accessible from London. A huge beach in East Sussex features the only sand dune system in the area. It also has a flat water estuary of the River Rother at Rye Bay. The commute from London to Rye by train is about 1.5 hours.

Hove Lagoon near Brighton is the safest place in the UK for beginner windsurfers. It also has excellent BBQ’s, pubs and lots of windsurfing equipment rentals. Hove Lagoon features a wakeboard cable park, paddleboards, kayaks, kites, and wetsuits. Besides, the neighboring Lancing Beach is a hip spot for beach and watersport activities with several schools and rentals.

West Wittering is a stunning spot on the South Coast with beautiful and excellent facilities on offer. The place is dedicated to kiting and surfing and can be easily riched from Chichester, located in1.5 hours from central London by train.

Hayling Island is another summer-perfect spot with a large sandbank, a bay, flat water, and waves to choose from. SW wind at mid-tide is a treat for wave riders. Esso Beach is the favorite windsurfer spot on the island. Nearby Havant train station can be easily reached from London.

Also, Calshot is a scenic village in Hampshire with flat and shallow waters for beginners and rolling waves during the higher tide. On a clear windy day, this place is a world-class kitesurf spot in just 2.5 hours from London. At last, Poole Harbor in Dorset has a kiting school and the choice of inner waters and the open seas. To get there from central London will take around two hours.

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What locations are popular for windsurfing that can be reached from London?

Queen Mary Reservoir, Camber Sands, and West Wittering are all excellent options for windsurfing within easy reach of London. However, Brighton and Hove Lagoon, Hayling Island, and Martello Bay are other popular choices that may be further away, but are still easily accessible. All locations provide excellent facilities and wind conditions, which make them perfect for windsurfing enthusiasts of varying skill levels. Show more

What is the easiest and safest windsurfing location for beginners in the UK?

Hove Lagoon near Brighton is the ideal and safest windsurfing spot for beginners in the UK, providing a flat and shallow lagoon that is perfect for beginner windsurfers. Hove Lagoon also offers equipment rental, wakeboard cable park, and other excellent facilities. Additionally, Queen Mary Reservoir and Calshot are perfect for those just starting, with lessons and rentals, while West Wittering is an option for beginner windsurfers and kitesurfers, albeit a bit more remote. Show more

What is the estimated travel time from London to Martello Bay?

Martello Bay is located along England’s eastern coast, about 1.5 hours from London Liverpool Street by train to Thorpe-le-Soken plus a short bus or taxi ride to the beach. Traveling by car is also an option, with the public car park positioned within a few meters of the shore. Martello Bay has excellent conditions for kitesurfing, with consistent winds and a flat-water experience that is perfect for people of all skill levels. Show more

What are the wind and tide conditions like at Hayling Island?

Hayling Island has been famous amongst windsurfing enthusiasts for years and boasts a long sandy beach that extends all the way to the Isle of Wight. The wave conditions are perfect at mid-tide with SW wind, while the sandbank on the other side of the bay provides flat-water options when there is no swell. This location is an all-year-round spot for windsurfing enthusiasts, and the island’s unique weather system, surrounded by water on three sides, enhances the experience. Show more

Is renting equipment possible in Hove Lagoon and Queen Mary Reservoir?

Both Hove Lagoon and Queen Mary Reservoir offer excellent facilities for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Queen Mary Sailing Club rents out equipment that caters to the needs of dinghy sailors and windsurfers alike. Along with equipment rental, the visitors at Hove Lagoon can rent windsurfing and paddleboarding equipment from the watersports center. They also offer lavatories, changing rooms, BBQ areas, cafeterias, and lessons along with rentals. Show more

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